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Duraflex ss stainless steel chimney liner 4 inch x 20 ft. Our clay flue liner is a conduit for the inside of chimneys. Having peace of mind knowing your family house and belongings are better protected from dangerous carbon monoxide and potential chimney fires by the installation of a stainless flue liner. Fire clay for maximum heat resistance.

A great range of gas fires to choose from whether you are installing from new, replacing, upgrading to a more efficient model or changing the design of a room. Gas fires are a great option for when you want great heat output and high efficiency, with some products now offering 100% heat efficiency.
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The type and age of the chimney furnace must also be taken into consideration. A chimney liner can last for up to 50 years, whilst a chimney pipe must be replaced much more frequently. The type of fuel you use, coal, wood or gas, will also determine if you need a liner or a pipe.
The single-wall chimney systems are made from stainless steel sheet and designed for vacuumipressure flue gas discharge from gas or furnace oil stoves and boilers. The flexible stainless steel pipes are a great alternative whenever simple chimney liner pipes cannot be instaled.The product boasts a high flexibilyty of bending and fits many ...
Chimney Liners. Gas Fuels; Wood, Oil, Coal Fuels ... Co-Linear Masonry Chimney Conversion Kit with Flex Pipe and High ... 10' Vent Kit with Flexible Liner. Model ...
From chimney liners to flue caps and chimney cap and dampers, our chimney supply provides products for chimney sweeps and indivual fireplace owners alike. We carry the Aluminum Kit - 3 x 35" By Duraflex Sw as well as the entire Duraflex Sw line - Get free shipping and pay low prices.
When thinking about a gas furnace and venting it into your chimney you should really consider relining your chimney with a stainless steel chimney liner.
The only exception is the part at the very top, just above the roofline. This chimney also contains an interior metal liner that ties in seamlessly with the furnace's exhaust pipe. Now consider another home where the chimney contains a clay and mortar liner. It's an external chimney, so three sides of the chimney reside outside the home.
Rooftop Chimney Sweeps performs high-quality work at fair prices. Throughout the years of change, we’ve continued to learn about the newest developments in the chimney sweep industry. We usually start every service with a chimney inspection and a cleaning if needed, and we can repair or rebuild your chimney to restore its heat efficiency.
Chimney liners for gas appliances are sized by code requirements, appropriate to the combined output of whatever is attached. A standard water heater usually needs a 4 inch liner, but a standard sized furnace and water hear combined will often need a 5 or 6 inch liner.
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  • The purpose of a liner is to protect the house from heat transfer to combustibles. An unlined chimney allows enough heat to transfer through and ignite wood structures in just a few hours. Liners also protect the chimney structure from the corrosive byproducts of combustion. If the flue gases penetrate to the brick and mortar the usable life of ...
  • 15 Metre length of 6" diameter stainless steel flexible flue liner Picture opposite shows the complete kit Also includes gas flue adaptor, gas plate & clamp, gas flue roof terminal
  • Made in the USA, shelterpropro's 2 ply 3003 aluminum liner can be used to vent category i gas appliances with a.F.U.E. Or 83% or lower. In many cases, especially when only water heaters are vented into masonry flues, the gas appliances are vented into oversized flues.
  • Z Flex 2GACKIT0435 Chimney Liner Kit 7 Inch x 35 Feet Aluminum 2GACKIT0435. $226.41 / ea. Z Flex 2GACKIT0525 Chimney Liner Kit 5 Inch x 25 Feet Aluminum 2GACKIT0525. $110.80 / ea. Z Flex 2GACKIT0335 Chimney Liner Kit 3 Inch x 35 Feet Aluminum 2GACKIT0335. $97.38 / ea.
  • A flue liner is a secondary barrier in a chimney that protects the masonry from the acidic products of combustion, helps prevent flue gas from entering the house, and reduces the size of an oversized flue. Since the 1950s, building codes in many locations require newly built chimneys to have a flue liner.

Gas Chimney Flue Liner . All Gas Chimney Flue Liner; 4 Inch (100mm) Super Flex Gas Chimney Flue Liner; 5 Inch (125mm)Super Flex Gas Chimney Flue Liner; 6 Inch (150mm) Super Flex Gas Chimney Flue Liner; 7 Inch (180mm) Super Flex Gas Chimney Flue Liner; 8 Inch (200mm) Super Flex Gas Chimney Flue Liner; Flue Liner Fitting Kits . All Flue Liner ...

Nonlinear radiative heat flux and heat source/sink on entropy generation minimization rate. NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) Hayat, T.; Khan, M. Waleed Ahmed; Khan ... There truly is no downside to owning a Timberwolf TPI35 Pellet Burning Fireplace Insert. In addition to using a fully-renewable fuel source, this impressive fireplace insert features a 76.3-percent efficiency rating.
AL29-4C Gas Oil Liner Kits. AL29-4C flexible stainelss steel liner kits are specified for use in high efficiency furnace and venting designs (typically 86% or greater efficiency). AL29-4C is a stainless steel alloy designed for extreme resistance to corrosion which makes it an ideal choice for venting high efficiency furnaces and boilers, corn, oil, and gas burning appliances.

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IBA HEC New Furnace Installation Inspection Form chimney liner or type B gas vent. Furnace or CAZ location: Water heater: Gas___ Electric___ Btuh_____ If gas, IBA New Furnace Installation Form Revision 1 Sept. 7, 2009 1.